Why Is GrowFlora Made for the Middle East?

Today water has to be used wisely. The sandy soils of the Middle East have a very low water storage capacity. An average irrigation of up to 15 litres per square meter daily is required. GrowFlora helps retaining one of the most precious resource of the Middle East. 

What Is GrowFlora?

GrowFlora is a very effective water-reatining natural substrate improving the soil structure. It increases the water storage capacity.

The infiltration speed of irrigation water will be reduced by up to 85%.

Plant roots have more time to absorb water and nutrients. Therefore there is no need to water and add fertilizers as often when using GrowFlora.

This saves money and time.

What Are the Benefits of GrowFlora?

Reduction of watering by more than 50%.

Reduction of storage costs for irrigation water.

Reduction of chemical fertilizers by more than 50%.

Healthier and faster growth of plants.

Reduction of soil erosion.

One-time application, does not biodegrade.

100% natural, structurally stable mineral.

GrowFlora is 30% less heavy than the competitor, therefore transport is cheaper.