GrowFlora Product Specification and Application

Technical Product Specification of GrowFlora:

Maximum water capacity approx. 55 Vol.%

pH value 6-8

Grain size 0.5-2.5 mm

Bulk density approx. 0.78 to/m3

Density by maximum water capacity 1.51 to/m3

Water permeability mod. K 3.7x 10-4 cm/s

Organic content 0%

The product is certified according to ISO 9001.

How to apply GrowFlora?

Soil samples are taken and send to the laboratory in Germany.

Precise mixing ratio is determined.

GrowFlora substrate is then mixed with the existing soil (around 10 to 30%)

Water is reasonable as log as substrate is saturated.

How Does GrowFlora Work?


  • uses modern technology
  • preserves the excellent botanic qualities of volcanic rock in substrates for plants
  • does not contain cellulose or other organics which biodegrades after some time
  • is natural material
  • has a positive eco-balance


The pictures shows the highly porous structure of a pumice grain that is able to hold water and nutrients.